Here you will receive quality service, prompt work and a guarantee for all types of services. Roverland values ​​its reputation, which is why we provide a high culture of service...

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Prevention is the best way to take care of your car and your own safety, as well as save money. After all, it is cheaper to prevent a breakdown than to fix it...

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The maximum load when driving falls on the undercarriage. If you notice a new sound while driving, the steering wheel airs...

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Guaranteed quality of services provided

Adequate prices for parts and labor

Specialists trained in Moscow

Fully transparent work, everything is open

About company

Roverland-car service, where your car will receive premium service. We have reliable spare parts and professional craftsmen at our disposal. All service specialists were trained in Moscow and have experience working with premium cars. We supply original spare parts or their analogues from proven world brands.

Here you get high-quality service, prompt work and a guarantee for all types of services. Come to us for scheduled maintenance or in case of failure of any of the systems. We will perform diagnostics, determine the causes of malfunctions and restore the previous performance of your car.

Roverland values its reputation, so we work openly, provide a high culture of service and offer affordable prices for all services. We are waiting for you and your friends in our car service!


Двигатель AJ133 V8Supercharged: шлифовка ГБЦ, шлифовка поверхности блока цилиндров. Последствия перегрева двигателя.

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L405 3.0sc: замена тормозных дисков и колодок. Используем оригинальные запчасти. Телефоны для записи и консультаций: +77054553301 +77017226705

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RR Sport 5.0SC: плановая замена цепи грм. Мы находимся выше Баганашила, ул. Жулдыз 107А

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Ержан Акимбеков

28 октября 2020 года

Очень хороший автосервис. Приемлемые цены и доброжелательный персонал. Рекомендую владельцам марки Land rover.

Максим Скрынник

11 ноября 2020 года

Толковые ребята, лишнего не накручивают, советуют по делу. Очень понравилось, Особенно в сравнении с офицальным центром.

Андрей Морев

11 августа 2020 года

Быстрое и качественное обслуживание по отличным ценам. Сервис высший класс