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Roverland-car service, where your car will receive premium service. We have reliable spare parts and professional craftsmen at our disposal. All service specialists were trained in Moscow and have experience working with premium cars. We supply original spare parts or their analogues from proven world brands.

Here you get high-quality service, prompt work and a guarantee for all types of services. Come to us for scheduled maintenance or in case of failure of any of the systems. We will perform diagnostics, determine the causes of malfunctions and restore the previous performance of your car.

Roverland values its reputation, so we work openly, provide a high culture of service and offer affordable prices for all services. We are waiting for you and your friends in our car service!


Undercarriage and unit repairs


The maximum load when driving falls on the undercarriage. It takes on the roughness of the road, sharp driving style, the weight of the car, passengers and cargo. If you notice a new sound while driving, the steering wheel airs (moves freely), the brake pedal fails, the braking distance has increased, or the car has started to behave unconventionally on turns – it's time to diagnose the undercarriage.

A proper check will identify all problems and determine further repairs. The Roverland service center will perform diagnostics of the front and rear suspension, if necessary, replace bearings, collars, steering rod ends, constant-velocity joints, shock absorbers and other components of the undercarriage. We use modern equipment and branded spare parts, which are not inferior to the characteristics of the factory configuration of the car.

We recommend that you undergo a scheduled maintenance of the undercarriage every year. But its frequency depends on the operating conditions and the road surface you are driving on. A good undercarriage is the basis for good handling of the car, and therefore the safety of the driver and passengers. Listen to your car, take care of its stable operation.


Scheduled maintenance


Prevention is the best way to take care of your car and your own safety, as well as save money. After all, it is cheaper to prevent a breakdown than to fix it. Recommendations for the frequency of maintenance are written in the car's service book. If the car was recently purchased at the salon, the first service should be carried out after 10-20 thousand km. mileage. Further scheduled service is recommended every 30 thousand km.

Roverland will provide comprehensive maintenance that will help determine the wear and tear of parts, the condition of components, optimize the operation of systems and reduce fuel consumption. During maintenance, we will check the camber and toe, condition of electrical equipment, steering, braking system, engine, evaluate tire wear, perform bringing into state of equilibrium. For more information about the service, please contact our specialists, you can also tell us which system you want to pay special attention to.

In addition to the planned maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, we recommend that you give the car to specialists for inspection when the seasons change. Before winter, it is important to check the readiness of transport for the cold season and replace tires. After the winter months, it is also necessary to check the wear and tear if you are planning a road trip, also do not forget to check the condition of your vehicle before traveling.


Repair and adjustment of electrical equipment


It is difficult to imagine a modern car without a multitasking electrical system. It controls and manages almost all the components: the operation of fuses, fuel injection, power steering, climate control, cruise control, on-Board computer. The more expensive and comfortable a car is, the more electrical components it has. And the failure of any of them must be quickly identified and corrected.

If the heart of a car is the engine, then its brain is the onboard computer. That is why diagnostics of electrical equipment begins with connecting special scanners to it. The expert first examines the external signs of problems. Then he uses scanners to examine data from electronic systems.

The data obtained helps you make a plan of action. This may be a system repair or replacement of parts. If a software error caused the problem, the system will be reset and reconfigured. Before giving the finished car to the customer, the master will check whether the characteristics of the electrical equipment match the original values.